Monthly Archives: January 2009

Design and Public Service Intersect

“Citizen Architect” – The phrase has a certain resonance, and bespeaks vigilance even beyond professionalism.  We congratulate David Helpern of Helpern Architects, our client, who last month welcomed 35 potential citizen architects to a breakfast briefing that we suggested he hold in his office.  On the agenda was an introduction to New York City’s unique […]


Two respected industry publications – SMPS Marketer and Principal’s Report – wrote about Joan Capelin in lengthy cover stories this winter. First out was the December 2008 SMPS Marketer, which published as its cover story – and as much of the issue – the content of Joan Capelin’s SMPS Foundation-sponsored white paper, Resetting the Horizon Line. […]

SMPS Marketing Handbook Updated

What a difference nine years can make in marketing professional services!  When you see the 2009 edition of the out-of-print SMPS Marketing Handbook, published again by BNi, you’ll see it has largely been rewritten, rather than edited, because so much has changed.  Joan Capelin has authored the chapter now called “The Great Publicity Quest,” one […]