SMPS Marketing Handbook Updated

What a difference nine years can make in marketing professional services!  When you see the 2009 edition of the out-of-print SMPS Marketing Handbook, published again by BNi, you’ll see it has largely been rewritten, rather than edited, because so much has changed. 

Joan Capelin has authored the chapter now called “The Great Publicity Quest,” one of a half-hundred chapters to be included in the new definitive text. 

Joan quoted Katie Couric, who said in the New York Times: “All of these media worlds are colliding.”  “Couric may enjoy putting together the puzzle,” Joan notes, “but those who work in public relations for the design and construction industry are more likely wrestling with the puzzle than seizing the fun part.”  In fact, anyone who thinks publicity is much easier today because so much is done electronically needs to consider this handbook chapter very closely.  Fundamentals, details, knowledge, connections – all matter that much more and require more, not less, time and experience.

One change: Design publications are nearing 50 percent of their output on the Web, and Joan explores the impact of this change.  There is also an entire page of tips.

To make certain the text was authoritative, Joan invited colleagues sin public relations from New York architeture and engineering firms to form an advisory group.  Working over a series of lunches in Capelin’s conference room, the group* unselfishly shared thier best insights and latest information so that the entire industry could operate at peak form.

Monitor the SMPS Web site for information about the book’s release. 


Capelin Communications would like to acknowledge the following individuals:

  • Ronnie Gensler, ARUP
  • Jim Kent, Thornton Tomasetti
  • Jacqueline Pezzillo, Davis Brody Bond Aedas
  • Greg Saliola, Costas Kondylis and Partners LLP
  • Melinda Sherwood, RMJM Hillier
  • Betty Jang Taur, LVM Group, Inc.
  • Mark Henderson Thompson, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture LLC