Monthly Archives: February 2009

What’s on your horizon?

How to determine the right horizon line for your career was the topic of the cover story of SMPS Marketer’s December 2008 issue.  The short of it: The horizon is as close or far as you want it to be. In a follow-up piece, published in Marketer’s February 2009 issue, Joan challenged non-licensees to consider […]

Capelin, Hochberg, and Frankel Offered Prime Spot at AIA 2009 Conference

The buzz was that the San Francisco planning committee for the AIA’s 2009 conference wanted to have very stimulating conference.  Joan Capelin’s proposal to address “What’s wrong with how design firms are set up?” – a conversation with Hugh Hochberg of The Coxe Group, and James Frankel of ArentFox – seems to fit that profile.  […]