What’s on your horizon?

How to determine the right horizon line for your career was the topic of the cover story of SMPS Marketer’s December 2008 issue.  The short of it: The horizon is as close or far as you want it to be.

In a follow-up piece, published in Marketer’s February 2009 issue, Joan challenged non-licensees to consider what would be possible if their firm leadership and ownership would expand to include “outsiders” – anyone with complementary interests, credentials, and degrees. 

“How well would the design firm of the future operate under a more diverse business profile?” Joan inquires.  “And, how would broader ownership benefit your work and approach?”

The answer to these questions and others will serve as the basis for a presentation at the AIA National convention in San Francisco on May 1st.  Join Joan, management consultant Hugh Hochberg of The Coxe Group, and attorney James Frankel of ArentFox for an interactive discussion, and set your own and the firm’s horizon.  To sign up, click here.