Craig Park Advises How to Market a Firm During the Recession

Craig Park, FSMPS

Craig Park, FSMPS

Joan Capelin interviewed Craig Park – vice president and chief marketing officer for Leo A Daly – for the 13th interview of the “Sound Advice” series.

This podcast provides perspective and advice on how to market a firm during the recession; what are some new sources of funding for projects; which path should a firm take during the downturn; and why marketing and business development are crucial to a firm’s survival right now.

Craig Park is an architect who works for design and project management, in operations and marketing, and for systems integration and manufacturing companies, and now Leo A Daly.

A past national SMPS president, Craig was the 2007 recipient of the SMPS Marketing Achievement Award.  Craig is the author of Design. Market. Grow! which is required reading for the SMPS certification program, and a regular contributor to the SMPS Marketer.

Click here to listen to the podcast and view Craig Park’s full bio.  Visit our “Sound Advice” page to hear other podcasts in the series.