Special Edition of “Sound Advice”: Focus on Fees

In a special edition of “Sound Advice with Joan Capelin,” 12 design and construction industry leaders interviewed for the initial series provide their perspective on fees. 

The 25-minute-long podcast compiles reactions to questions about why fees matter and what they should be.  “For one thing,” Joan asks, “clients have been saying that design and construction fees are too high – but is that because these people are ignorant, unrealistic, game-playing, or cheap?”

The January 25th issue of The Zweig Letter carries an article that summarizes many of these remarks and Editor Joao Ferreira has included this podcast in his blogspot as well.

Capelin Communications created “Sound Advice” in 2009 to help the design and building community to weather these tough, new times.  So far, the series has had nearly 10,000 “visits.”

Click on the media player below to listen to this special-edition podcast.  The speakers, their organizations, and the point in the podcast where they appear follow:

Download the podcast as a MP3

A. Eugene Kohn, KPF Architects – 1:42

Friedrich Bohm, White Oak Partners – 2:50

Thomas Scarangello, Thorton Tomasetti – 4:28

Jim Cramer, Design Futures Council/Greenway Group – 5:54

Tony Schirripa, Mancini Duffy – 8:55

Craig Park, Leo A Daly – 10:22

Ava Abramowitz, Esq. – 12:21

Walter Hunt, Gensler – 14:23

Scott Simpson, Kling-Stubbins – 16:37

Stanley Stark, HDR/CUH2A – 18:22

Peter Piven, Peter Piven Management Consultants – 20:01

Scott Braley, Braley Consulting – 21:53

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