Marketing Blog Quotes Joan’s Advice on Distributing Press Releases

On his website Help Everybody Everyday: New Marketing Approaches for the A/E/C Industry, marketing professional Matt Handal quoted Joan Capelin in a post titled, “Press Release Services.” 

Handal had asked the Society of Marketing Professional Services’ [SMPS] listserve whether it is preferable to use these services or internally produce a release.  Joan pointed out that none of these media services, however robust, focus on the A/E/C industry and offers her take: “If someone in-house can’t pull together a press list, then I counsel them to hire people who understand…what to do before and after the release is distributed, crucial strategy that your question evades.”  She also emphasizes the importance of researching targeted publications and becoming known to specific editors.

Design and construction firms usually don’t have the time to cultivate media relationships and maintain a press list; that’s the scope of a public relations consultant.  She addresses the topic in further detail in her chapter, “The Great Publicity Quest,” in the latest SMPS Marketing Handbook for the Design and Construction Professional.

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