Is Corporate Social Responsibility the New Business Model?

Corporate Social Responsibility – the newest buzzword in the design and construction industry to filter down from mainstream business – is the topic of Joan’s cover story in the December Marketer, the award-winning bimonthly publication of the Society for Marketing Professional Services. 

This white paper-turned-cover story what ARUP defines as an organization’s “active engagement with humanitarian and charitable causes.”  Joan says that CSR can stretch your company – but also stress it, if your approach isn’t thought through and consistent.

Joan and Capelin staffer Beth McBride spent much of a year pulling together this article, interviewing many firms and non-profit organizations about what they’ve done and why. 

The article also considers how sustainability – and the Triple Bottom Line values that underpin it – have, for better or worse, become part of corporate America’s social responsibility profile.  Greenwashing?  You decide. 

The article has created quite a stir.  Let us hear your reaction – easily done by following the “Ask Joan” instructions to the left, next to Joan’s picture.

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