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Joan Capelin began Capelin Communications in 1981 to help professional service firms – especially those in the design, construction, and real estate industries – find their voice, tell their story, and develop their business.

Our role is therefore to raise your visibility, strengthen your credibility, and expand your access to the people and entities you want to reach.

Our clients might, for example, ask us to help them:

  • Attain the reputation they feel they deserve.
  • Attract the clients they want.
  • State their message, achievements, and information compellingly.
  • Bolster cohesion and loyalty internally.
  • Achieve their plans for growth and change.
  • Transition to a new generation of leadership.
  • Merge or acquire to the benefit of all parties, including staff and clients.
  • Maintain their focus in times of stress, because, facing facts, it’s rarely smooth sailing.

Capelin Communications’ approach is first to devise a strategy that matches your resources, and then provide – besides solid advice – any of the following services and products:

  • Articles and white papers
  • Award and honors submissions
  • Books and monographs
  • Brochures and newsletters
  • Campaign planning
  • CEO and key leadership coaching and training
  • Communications and client audits
  • Crisis/issues management and communication
  • Direct mail
  • Internal communications
  • Letters [marketing, reference, “pitches”]
  • Marketing collateral
  • Media relations*
  • Multimedia concept and content
  • Photography programs
  • Public speaking support
  • Research
  • Special events
  • Trade show collateral
  • Transition guidance
  • Web site content
  • Writing

* Media relations, which some call publicity, is about 25 percent of our work; we are not publicists, period. Many of the people who “serve” our client base do only this. Our communications arsenal – and the one you should demand from your public relations consultants – is far broader.

There are no formulas in this kind of public relations.  Although our methodology is time-tested, our response to each client is tailored: each situation, each request, each person is taken into account. Some other areas of public relations may be formulaic, but there is no way that this specialty can be standardized.  That’s why it’s important for you to rely on consultants that have the experience to quickly get to the heart of things: your identity, your vision, your challenges.