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What’s News in an Accelerated Cycle?

How do you differentiate between news and information in today’s rapid news cycle?  And who decides?  Joan Capelin asked eight editors in the A/E/C industry to share their insights.

SMPS Marketing Handbook Available for Purchase

The long-awaited second edition of SMPS’ Marketing Handbook for the Design & Construction Professional is available for purchase from the SMPS Bookstore. Look for Joan’s chapter entitled “The Great Publicity Quest.”

SMPS Marketing Handbook Updated

What a difference nine years can make in marketing professional services!  When you see the 2009 edition of the out-of-print SMPS Marketing Handbook, published again by BNi, you’ll see it has largely been rewritten, rather than edited, because so much has changed.  Joan Capelin has authored the chapter now called “The Great Publicity Quest,” one […]