Communication by Design

New York, Ostberg Library of Design Management, 2004.

 cbdcoverPrinciples for Principals, written to benefit the Society for Marketing Professional Services,was so well received that, when the original print run was exhausted in just four months, Ostberg asked Joan to expand it. And then the respected publisher issued it as a trade book under the new title Communication by Design.

Principals and industry leaders need to communicate well, advocate compellingly, support their people effectively, and win every opportunity for excellent work. Few, however, have had the chance to learn how to do this before finding themselves thrust into a position of responsibility in their field.

Communication by Design addresses that gap in a way that is actionable and engaging. People at any stage of their careers can benefit from reading and discussing the 29 principles in the book, which is, as A. Eugene Kohn, FAIA, wrote on the cover, an “invaluable guide for people who care about the future of their business [that] should be on every professional’s desk.”

Some firms have bought the book for the leadership to use as a discussion group, and some schools have purchased copies in bulk for their practice leadership class and their library.  The publisher is amenable to group pricing.

You can see the table of contents here and read everyone’s favorite chapter here.

Communication by Design can be ordered through the publisher,, and select bookstores that cater to design professionals.

Principles for Principals

New York, Society for Marketing Professional Services, 2004.

pfp_cover_online_01This title is out of print, but it has been redesigned, expanded, and published as Communication by Design.

Marketing Handbook for the Design and Construction Professional

Anaheim, CA, BNi Publications, 2009marketing-handbook-2009.

Order the 2009 Second Edition from the SMPS Bookstore, where Joan Capelin’s chapter, “The Great Publicity Quest,” appears.