Sound Advice Podcasts

with Joan Capelin

Welcome to “Sound Advice,” where Joan Capelin speaks with some really smart people about how the design and building industry can – no, will – get through today’s tough times.

In 10 minutes or less, you’ll get the perspective of practicing architects and engineers, consultants, and colleagues who have been through previous downturns.  They don’t all agree on what’s called for this time – maybe, neither will you – but their take on how to rebound, and to what, is worth hearing.

We know you’ll benefit from the ideas and energy of these exceptional speakers.  Be sure to check back and tell your friends; we are adding new broadcasts regularly.  And, if you would like to be notified of future “Sound Advice” podcasts, please sign up for our mailing list using the form on the left.  You can also subscribe to our podcast feed through iTunes.

Special Edition of “Sound Advice”: Focus on Fees

In a special edition of “Sound Advice with Joan Capelin,” 12 design and construction industry leaders interviewed for the initial series provide their perspective on fees.  The 25-minute-long podcast compiles reactions to questions about why fees matter and what they should be.  “For one thing,” Joan asks, “clients have been saying that design and construction […]