David Helpern Flags Why Developers Should Look Twice At Older Buildings

“In today’s economy, it could be not just cost-effective but also inspiring to rejuvenate the building stock that has already contributed to New York’s viability,” David Helpern writes in the the September 2009 issue of The Mann Report, a monthly publication about commercial real estate.

Helpern Architects – our client – has extensive experience and expertise in adaptive reuse and restoration.  David relies on this to raise and answer a series of questions to guide commercial project owners and developers.  He identifies four areas to investigate: the structure’s zoning designation, the condition of the building envelope, the layout of the interior, and potential sources of funding.

“If you do a good job understanding and documenting existing conditions, you minimize surprises and maximize what you can do with the built or buildable area you have identified,” David asserts.  To read about how David looks at existing buildings, click here.