Skanska Presented with LEED Platinum Honor

The flagship offices for Skanska USA Building are in the fabled Empire State Building.  Built on an accelerated schedule, those offices on the entire 32nd Floor have gained attention and honors because they were designed and built to LEED Platinum quality.

Capelin Communications has supported Skanska’s New York team for two years, much of it recently focused on getting out Skanska’s message that older buildings can be retrofitted to the highest level of sustainability.

Acting as its own client, Skanska was able to build out and move into the 80-year-old building in a scant five months from when the lease was signed.  It reports that the new offices have achieved a reduction in energy consumption of nearly 50%.

The USGBC LEED Platinum designation is the first for Skanska’s own space; other officers are designated Gold or Silver.  It is also the first Platinum space in the Empire State Building, which makes it a showcase of sorts.

Capelin has so far placed stories about this accelerated project in Engineering News-Record and New York Construction, with others to follow shortly and arranged for a panel at Urban Green Expo that featured Elizabeth Heider, head of Skanska’s Green Council, as moderator; New York Area Executive Vice President Steve Pressler; Architect Rick Cook of Cook+Fox; and Empire State Building owner Tony Malkin.

From Left: Skanska’s Christopher Viola, Elizabeth Heider, Tri Tran, and Steve Pressler are joined by the owner of the Empire State Building, Anthony Malkin, and President of the US Green Building Council, Rick Fedrizzi, as he presents the LEED Platinum plaque.

From left: Skanska’s Project Manager Christopher Viola, SVP of Preconstruction Elizabeth Heider, New York Director of Preconstruction Tri Tran, EVP and New York General Manager Steve Pressler, owner of the Empire State Building Tony Malkin, and President of USGBC Rick Fedrizzi.