Joan Capelin Tells Short Tales in October’s Marketer

For her ongoing “Compelling Communications” column in SMPS Marketer, Joan points out that storytelling – gaining attention as an effective way to influence decisions – achieves many marketing and training purposes. 

In “Once Upon a Time,” Joan’s goal is to help people realize how many stories they do have available to them – useful in making a point, changing people’s opinions, even changing a firm’s culture.

Joan recounts some of her favorite and most powerful anecdotes in the October issue.  Here’s one about just how much marketing is enough:

Two men encounter a bear in a forest.  One of the men stops, sits down, pulls his running shoes out of his knapsack, and puts them on.  The other man, already running fast, calls back, incredulously, “You don’t think those running shoes are going to help you outrun that bear!” The other man replies, “I don’t have to outrun the bear.  I only have to outrun you!”

If you like stories – and who doesn’t – click here to read a copy of the article.

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