Joan Explains How to Write Trustworthy Letters of Reference in Marketer

Letter writing is an essential business skill, but not everyone understands the basics of writing reference letters, such as those that introduce a job candidate or nominate someone for a specific honor.  In her February 2010 column for the SMPS Marketer“Please, Mr. Postman…,”  Joan Capelin provides hints for both letter writers and seekers.  “You will need the right people to write for you,” she insists, “but they must also advise how they know you.”

Joan discusses how to set the context and tone for a letter of reference as well as basic formatting rules that many people tend to forget.  She suggests including personal anecdotes that strengthen the message of the letter but warns about regurgitating the candidate’s resume.  

Joan recommends that letter seekers follow up with their writers to stay on target for the due date. “There is no harm in moving it up a week or two,” she remarks.

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