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Joan Capelin Tells Short Tales in October’s Marketer

For her ongoing “Compelling Communications” column in SMPS Marketer, Joan points out that storytelling – gaining attention as an effective way to influence decisions – achieves many marketing and training purposes.  In “Once Upon a Time,” Joan’s goal is to help people realize how many stories they do have available to them – useful in […]

Joan Writes About Looking Through the Wrong End of the Telescope

“Focus on your clients.”  That’s fundamental communications advice, but, Joan Capelin says in her August column in Marketer, many marketers unwittingly forget. 

Joan Capelin Writes for Contract Magazine

Asked to contribute an op-ed piece, Joan Capelin challenged the readers of Contract in the June/Neocon issue to consider how design firms may be constrained by a 20th-century approach to design-firm ownership structure. 

What’s News in an Accelerated Cycle?

How do you differentiate between news and information in today’s rapid news cycle?  And who decides?  Joan Capelin asked eight editors in the A/E/C industry to share their insights.

Close the Door Gently When You Leave

“Dead on” was the apropos but darkly funny response from a reader of Joan’s April 2009 SMPS Marketer column, which addressed a difficult topic: announcing the death of a partner, especially someone still responsible for the firm’s future. 

Facing into the Wind and Making the Most of it

For an April 2008 column in SMPS Marketer, Joan asked five people in the design and construction industry what they would do with their “free time” if the country and their firm hit an economic speed bump.  Their answers ranged from writing a book to volunteering in their community to training current and potential clients.  […]

What’s on your horizon?

How to determine the right horizon line for your career was the topic of the cover story of SMPS Marketer’s December 2008 issue.  The short of it: The horizon is as close or far as you want it to be. In a follow-up piece, published in Marketer’s February 2009 issue, Joan challenged non-licensees to consider […]